Fund Objective: 

The Fund aims to achieve capital appreciation by investing in a concentrated portfolio of small-cap U.S. equities of above average growth, sound management, and favourable competitive positioning. Through our disciplined, bottom-up investment process, we strive to exploit market inefficiencies in the small-cap universe.

The Fund focuses on careful analysis of business fundamentals relative to the price of the security.  The goal is to identify differentiated companies where it is possible to form a non-consensus view.

The Fund invests primarily in the common stock of U.S. companies with the intent of owning them for a multi-year period.


Portfolio Manager: Christopher A. Berrier

Chris Berrier is a Partner at Brown Advisory and the lead Portfolio Manager for our Small-Cap Growth strategy, including UCITS fund and US mutual fund.

Chris has been portfolio manager since joining Brown Advisory in 2005.  He has over 12 years of investment industry experience.  Previously, Chris was a senior equity analyst at T. Rowe Price, covering multiple sectors with a primary focus on small- and mid-capitalisation growth companies.

Education: Princeton University, A.B. (2000)


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 Fund Facts
  • Number of holdings: 50-80
  • Market-cap range: $250m - $5b
  • Benchmark: Russell 2000 Growth
  • Structure: UCITS
  • Inception date: 9 Nov 2007
  • Dealing: Daily
  • Cut-off time: 21:00 GMT
  • Settlement: T+3
 Daily Fund NAVs

NAV for Code = 8603

Price Date: 16-Dec-14

Share Class ISIN Curr. NAV
BUS IE00B0PVDJ73 USD 15.55
AUS IE00B0PVDG43 USD 15.30
BEU IE00B2NN6B28 EUR 11.39
CUS IE00B5510F71 USD 12.19