Firm Overview

In 1993, we founded Brown Advisory with a simple vision: to build an investment firm focused entirely on making a material and positive difference for our clients.

We provide investment solutions to individuals, families, family offices, endowments, foundations, institutional asset owners, investment consultants, financial intermediaries and investment platforms of all kinds in all 50 U.S. states and in 37 countries and territories around the world. We are deeply committed to our clients, and focus exclusively on helping them plan and implement thoughtful investment strategies. This focus extends to the retirees, students, nonprofit beneficiaries and many others who may never meet us but nevertheless depend on us as trusted stewards of capital.

Our Mission

Brown Advisory is a private, independent investment and strategic advisory firm. Our mission is to make a material and positive difference for our clients by delivering a combination of first-class investment performance, strategic advice and the highest level of service.


What Makes Brown Advisory Different

Strategic Advice

We believe that providing clients with thoughtful, strategic advice, rooted in an active listening process, is increasingly valuable in a world that consistently encourages them to react to the latest news event or trend. We embed dedicated strategic advisors in many client relationships; these strategic advisors have deep expertise in tax planning, trust and estate planning, accounting, business advisory and other topics, and they are essential in our effort to provide holistic financial guidance to clients.

A Private Firm with a Shared Ownership Structure

Brown Advisory has been a private firm since its founding in 1993. Every colleague is an equity owner, and together our colleagues own approximately 70% of the firm. The remaining 30% is owned by select outside investors who provide insight, perspective and stability. All of these owners are aligned in the desire to build a firm that puts clients above all else.

Listening and Investing Alongside Our Clients

We strive to listen first so that we can partner with our clients in the way that is most helpful to them. Offering significant transparency and peace of mind, we invest alongside our clients, with 9.4% of total private client assets held by our colleagues and their families.


We are a firm of 650+ people, 11 offices, four primary client segments, nearly 40 groups and countless teams. Transparency is critical so that we can all operate from the same playbook.

We share meeting minutes from all operating committee meetings with all colleagues, so we collectively understand decision-making as it filters through the organization. Additionally, our intranet platform, B|Advised, draws on modern sharing and collaboration tools to enable rapid information transfer as well as open, firmwide conversations on topics ranging from investments to diversity and inclusion.

A "Morning Meeting" Mindset

Our Morning Meeting is a cultural cornerstone at Brown Advisory. Every morning, we gather the entire firm—each office gathers in person, and all offices connect via video conference—to discuss a topic or idea that is relevant to our investment thinking or to the culture of the firm. We ring the bell to start the meeting at 8:35 a.m. Eastern Time.

The meeting represents many facets of our culture that we hold dear: thoughtful discussion, active listening, flat organization, collegial atmosphere and encouragement of new ideas.

2018 Annual Report To our clients, shareholders, friends and colleagues:

Welcome to Brown Advisory 4.0! By now, many of you will be familiar with an important part of our ethos as an investment firm: From time to time, we believe it is imperative to take a step back and challenge our organization, our colleagues and our capabilities. Are we structured in a way that encourages and enables the best ways to invest successfully? Are we confident that we are delivering client advice and service that is modern and relevant? Or are we doing things because, frankly, this is how we’ve been doing them for years, and we’ve been too busy or too confident with our approach to challenge our historical ways of thinking? We must always remind ourselves that our clients care far more about tomorrow than yesterday. Brown Advisory 4.0 is about evaluating everything we do against a shared vision for the future and is an opportunity to create lasting success.

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