Individuals & Families

To serve sophisticated clients, we live by a simple philosophy: Listen. Offer thoughtful advice. Provide a personalized solution.

For the past five years, our client-retention rate was 97.9%, reflecting the long-term nature of our relationships with clients. (Data as of March 31, 2018)


When we serve as your overarching investment advisor, we seek to add value at every stage of the investment process. 

Listening and Learning

We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your needs, to set a baseline for our recommendations. This is all about listening to you. We want to learn about your long-term goals, as well as your short-term needs and constraints. Beyond your tangible financial goals, we also seek to understand your desires for building a family legacy or making an impact through philanthropy or sustainable investing. We engage you on these topics frequently throughout our relationship, to make sure we are keeping up with your evolving circumstances. Every subsequent action we recommend flows from this discovery process.

Building Your Plan

Next, we build a fully customized plan that addresses your situation and goals. We emphasize balance in this process. We want our investment plans to pursue growth while also ensuring a stable foundation for your capital. Our plans tend to focus less on market benchmarks, and more on achieving goals and milestones that are relevant to you.

One of the hallmarks of our approach is a “financial allocation” that precedes portfolio construction. Importantly, we focus on ensuring that you always have an ample pool of liquidity available to meet your short-term needs, so that you will rarely if ever feel the need or the urge to interrupt longer-term investments. Additionally, we seek to supplement your core investment portfolio with opportunistic investments over time—these allow us to help clients take advantage of dislocations in capital markets.

Constructing Your Portfolio

Your dedicated portfolio management team will tailor your portfolio specifically for you. Your team is backed by Brown Advisory’s powerful investment engine, which arms them with in-depth asset allocation research, in-house equity and fixed income research, and a carefully scrutinized and curated set of outside investment managers spanning core, alternative and private asset classes.


Long-term financial success involves more than investment planning. We help clients tackle a wide range of financial challenges, from gift, estate and income tax planning, to philanthropic and impact investing strategies, to family governance and next-generation education. We use the term strategic advice to refer to our work with clients on these matters.

Strategic advice means many things to us:

  1. A dedicated team of experts
    We have a large team of strategic advisors who work extensively with clients that have especially complex circumstances. Our strategic advisors are legal, accounting, financial planning, tax, trust and/or estate experts, with diverse experience that includes work as partners of sophisticated law and accountancy practices, advisors for large family offices and service in senior U.S. government roles.

  2. An integrated approach to problem-solving
    Our clients often deal with very complex planning issues. To address those issues properly, we tightly integrate strategic advisors and portfolio managers on our client teams. Families typically receive this guidance separately, and that can lead to less-desirable outcomes (for example, populating a trust vehicle with lower-growth assets that don’t take advantage of the potential for growth outside of your estate). By including both investment and planning experts on our teams, we believe we can optimize our strategic actions for our clients.

  3. A comprehensive and holistic approach
    Our clients often work with a number of consultants, attorneys, accountants and other experts to address their various financial needs. We frequently collaborate with these disparate groups of advisors, so that we encourage seamless orchestration and execution of our clients’ financial decisions.


To us, service is all about trust. We aim to serve as a trusted resource and thinking partner for you—ultimately, we make your life simpler and easier if you know that you can rely on us.

Experience and Execution

The core of our service pledge is to constantly strive for perfection in our day-to-day work with you. Your team will include experienced client service personnel with strong capabilities and expertise regarding investment management, transaction oversight, reporting, trust administration and a wide variety of other matters. Our work on your behalf is guided by multiple processes, checks, balances and backstops in the pursuit of 100% accurate and timely execution of every action we take.

Customized Solutions

We work with you to develop a customized service platform. You set the expectations—for day-to-day communication, for reporting and for other service matters—and we will work with you to meet and surpass those expectations.

Our commitment to personalization extends to our firmwide service efforts. For example, we built our client web portal, TouchPoint, from the ground up to meet the expressed needs of our clients. TouchPoint offers comprehensive tools that will help you understand your portfolio—what you hold, how each investment is performing, and how the overall portfolio fits together—and monitor the progress we are making toward achieving your long-term goals.

Develop and Deepen Relationships

Most importantly, we seek to leverage our understanding of your needs and your situation, to stay several steps ahead of your needs. We want to answer your questions before you think to ask them, and provide pre-emptive solutions to challenges that you haven’t even identified yet. By working closely alongside you over time, we hope that you will eventually come to rely on us as a true partner.

Our Clients Are Our Partners

Brown Advisory is distinguished by the quality of its client service personnel. We view our clients as partners. Our dedicated client service team remains committed to forging lasting relationships based on integrity, trust and service.

Putting Clients First

This principle pervades everything we do, not only because it is good for business, but also because we truly care about our clients. We feel privileged to work with them, as they do impressive work: raising successful families, building leading businesses, guiding important nonprofits, overseeing pensions that help people retire well and otherwise making a difference in the world. We take personal satisfaction in helping our clients succeed. That is Brown Advisory in a nutshell.

Start a Conversation

Please fill out the form for general inquiries, more information on our investment services or if you would like someone from Brown Advisory to contact you directly. We will be in touch within 24 business hours. If you are an existing Brown Advisory client, please login to TouchPoint and reach out to your client team.