We believe security selection based on fundamental research with an integrated ESG approach can outperform benchmarks over time, reduce volatility and help manage risk in portfolios.

By leveraging our fundamental equity research capabilities across the U.S. universe, incorporating negative screens & constructing a portfolio that focuses on idiosyncratic risk, we believe we can deliver a best-in-class socially responsible fund to our clients.

Investment approach

  • Fundamental, bottom-up research: Conduct exhaustive due diligence on all companies that we consider an investment idea. Seek to identify a non-consensus view on each company we purchase. Stock selection on this basis leads to high active share portfolios.
  • Integrated ESG approach: Leverage the work of our dedicated ESG team—including detailed ESG assessments—to identify material ESG risk factors.
  • Negative Screens: Universe of fundamentally researched companies tested against specific screens to exclude companies with controversial business involvement.
  • Robust valuation framework: Scenario analysis in financial modelling assists in maximizing upside capture and minimizing downside risk.
  • Low tracking error: The fund has low tracking error relative to the Russell 3000® Index but, by choosing our highest conviction names, maintains the ability to outperform the benchmark (given high active share).
  • Experienced and collaborative team: Interdisciplinary research approach leads to insightful analysis and high conviction.
  • We combine these outputs with our best thinking & proven active portfolio management capabilities. We construct a portfolio that we believe gives the best opportunity for success whilst maintaining the highest socially responsible values.

Vehicle: Separately Managed Account, UCITS Fund

*The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.