Investment approach

  • Fundamental, bottom-up research: Conduct exhaustive due diligence on all companies that we consider an investment idea. Seek to identify a non-consensus view on each company we purchase. Stock selection on this basis leads to high active share portfolios.
  • Integrated ESG approach: Leverage the work of our dedicated ESG team—including detailed ESG assessments—to identify material ESG risk factors.
  • Negative Screens: Universe of fundamentally researched companies tested against specific screens to exclude companies with controversial business involvement.
  • Robust valuation framework: Scenario analysis in financial modelling assists in maximizing upside capture and minimizing downside risk.
  • Low tracking error: The fund has low tracking error relative to the Russell 3000® Index but, by choosing our highest conviction names, maintains the ability to outperform the benchmark (given high active share).
  • Experienced and collaborative team: Interdisciplinary research approach leads to insightful analysis and high conviction.
  • We combine these outputs with our best thinking & proven active portfolio management capabilities. We construct a portfolio that we believe gives the best opportunity for success whilst maintaining the highest socially responsible values.

SFDR - Article 6


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