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Brown Advisory delivers a wide range of sustainable investment strategies to institutional and intermediary investors. We help our clients achieve their financial and sustainable objectives with concentrated, actively managed portfolios powered by in-depth fundamental and ESG research, a disciplined investment process and outcome-focused ESG engagement.


We offer a variety of sustainable solutions to our clients—from our robust equity and fixed income strategies, to customized solutions that are tailored to a given client’s unique needs.

Our sustainable investment strategies seek to incorporate sustainable thinking, ESG research and engagement in various ways to help deliver the wide range of outcomes that our clients seek. All of these strategies focus on integrating fundamental and ESG research in a manner that we believe improves our investment decisions and leads to better performance over time. The impact generated by our portfolios is also an important consideration in our work, as outlined in our annual Impact Reports for several of our sustainable strategies.


Fixed Income:

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ESG Research and Engagement Platform

  • Dedicated ESG research team that is integrated with fundamental analysts and portfolio managers across our equity and fixed income investment teams
  • Proprietary ESG research methodology and internal rating system used to help assess potential investments
  • Deep investigation into the use of proceeds raised by the bonds we hold in fixed income portfolios, and the impact produced by those proceeds—for both labeled and unlabeled bonds
  • Pursuit of active, issue-driven engagement with management teams, bond issuers, industry and issue experts, NGOs and other stakeholders, to bring attention to ESG issues, encourage best practices and provide guidance on topics
  • Comprehensive, policy-driven approach to proxy voting
  • Capabilities to provide customized screening to clients (applied independently from our investment process)*


Customized Solutions

In addition to the strategies listed above, we can work with clients to develop customized solutions focusing on their environmental, social and governance priorities. We can create portfolios that leverage our ESG and fundamental teams’ research to target a specific expression of values and/or risk profile.

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Recent Publications

Introducing the Brown Advisory U.S. Large-Cap Sustainable Value Strategy

We are very pleased to announce the launch our U.S. Sustainable Value Fund under our Dublin UCITS umbrella.  The Fund joins our suite of sustainable funds that are available to institutional investors in the UK, Europe and Asia and is governed by Article 8 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). It follows a successful US mutual fund launch in February for our US Large-Cap Sustainable Value Strategy.
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NOW Podcast, S4E3: Why Solar?

In this episode we are diving into renewables, and specifically into solar power. Erika Pagel sits down with Raghu Belur, the Co-founder and Chief Products Officer of Enphase Energy, which has revolutionized the solar industry with its microinverter-based technology. Erika and Raghu explore solar—in terms of economics, job creation, energy security and climate action.
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Sustainable Sovereigns: Integrating ESG Analysis into Government Debt Research

As crucial as sustainability may be to investors and companies alike, gauging the long term resilience of their business model is just as important. Sustainable International Leaders views resilience as a crucial lens through which to analyze businesses.
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Recent News

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Brown Advisory Launches Sustainable International Leaders Strategy

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Brown Advisory’s 2021 PRI Assessment Report

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Reporting and Policy Statements


Transparency and disclosure are essential drivers of progress in sustainable investing. We seek to hold ourselves to the same standards that we expect of companies, municipalities and bond issuers, in terms of offering clear policies that describe our sustainable investment approach, as well as periodic reports on the impact and sustainable merits of our strategies.

Platform Policies and Reports

Balanced Portfolio Reporting

We have in-depth research regarding the ESG risk and impact exposures present in every single strategy we recommend to balanced-portfolio clients. We have painstakingly translated that research into a comprehensive reporting tool, which allows us to provide complete transparency to our clients about their investments, and greatly enhances our conversations with those clients about progress to date and potential actions to consider in the future.

See our reporting capabilities for balanced clients on the pages dedicated to our work with individuals and families or charities and foundations.

Meet the Team

Dedicated SI Professionals

Our team is made up of committed experts that deliver the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that our clients require.

SI Advisory Board

Our team is made up of committed experts that deliver the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that our clients require.
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*All investments involve risk. The value of the investment and the income from it will vary. There is no guarantee that the initial investment will be returned. ESG considerations that are material will vary by investment style, sector/industry, market trends and client objectives. ESG strategies seek to identify companies that they believe may have desirable ESG outcomes, but investors may differ in their views of what constitutes positive or negative ESG outcomes. As a result, the strategies may invest in companies that do not reflect the beliefs and values of any particular investor. The strategies may also invest in companies that would otherwise be screened out of other ESG oriented funds. Security selection will be impacted by the combined focus on ESG assessments and forecasts of return and risk. ESG strategies intend to invest in companies with measurable ESG outcomes, as determined by Brown Advisory, and seeks to screen out particular companies and industries. Brown Advisory relies on third parties to provide data and screening tools. There is no assurance that this information will be accurate or complete or that it will properly exclude all applicable securities. Investments selected using these tools may perform differently than as forecasted due to the factors incorporated into the screening process, changes from historical trends, and issues in the construction and implementation of the screens (including, but not limited to, software issues and other technological issues). There is no guarantee that Brown Advisory’s use of these tools will result in effective investment decisions.

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