Since our founding, private equity investments have been important components of our balanced approach to constructing client portfolios.

We believe that these opportunities can drive returns, mitigate volatility and provide diversification from traditional public securities.


Private Funds at Brown Advisory

We offer clients access to our network of leading private equity managers across vintages, using a "feeder fund" structure so that our clients can gain exactly the exposure they want, easily and cost-effectively. We have formed more than 100 partnerships for our clients to commit over $1 billion directly to private funds that often are limited to large institutional investors. We perform in-depth due diligence on each fund that we consider, marshaling resources from across our investment team to identify, vet and select investments that can help clients achieve their portfolio goals. We introduce clients to investment opportunities across the spectrum of private equity:

  • Buyouts
  • Venture Capital
  • Real Estate
  • Private Debt
  • Energy

Private Equity Partners (PEP)

We construct our Private Equity Partners multimanager vehicles that represent our best thinking around portfolio development and manager selection. Our PEP program represents an evolution beyond standard fund-of-funds structures by concentrating on a small number of high-quality private equity, growth equity and venture capital funds within sectors such as technology, healthcare, energy and consumer. Our investor-friendly fee structure and limited investment period, which allows clients to better understand and control their exposure, creates better alignment with managers. We believe that this more disciplined approach offers the potential to generate consistent returns in excess of public equity markets.

Real Estate Partners (REP)

We construct our Real Estate Partners vehicles to focus on vertically integrated owner/operators to build a concentrated portfolio diversified across property type, geography (primarily within the U.S.) and style to counter concentration risks. REP seeks to provide inflation protection, current income generation and a volatility profile that is lower than public-equity and high-yield markets with a commensurate total return.



For most clients, private equity is one component of a balanced portfolio that we manage. Other clients, however, come to us specifically for custom-built private equity solutions that leverage our fund and direct investment capabilities. We work with high-net-worth individuals, families and institutions to access and analyze high-quality opportunities. We believe that private equity is an important asset class that can drive portfolio performance.


  1. Investment Objectives

    We help clients articulate their risk and liquidity tolerances, as well as their unique investment preferences, and we use that information to create portfolios that seek to maximize long-term returns in line with each client's specific goals.

  2. Asset Allocation

    We create bespoke asset allocations for each client that emphasize a long-term orientation and the use of tactical allocations to capture special situations and opportunities resulting from dislocations.

  3. Portfolio Construction

    We invest clients' assets to create portfolios of strategies, funds managed by third-party investment managers and direct investments, depending on specific preferences. We seek to construct concentrated portfolios of our best ideas, and we prefer to invest with a select group of managers that we follow closely. We believe that there are a small number of high quality managers with whom we want to invest, and we will be patient to gain the opportunity to access these managers. We emphasize efficient diversification, seeking out managers with differing portfolios, strategies or niche focuses to help moderate volatility and downside without overly diluting returns.

  4. Service and Reporting

    We have in-house capabilities to assist clients with all aspects of client service, including reporting, administration, tax and cash management. We seek to provide the personal attention and responsiveness that each client demands

*Investments discussed on this page are available for qualified purchasers and accredited investors only.
The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.

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