TEDxWilmington | Why Investing in Public Education is So Risky

Speaker: Atnre Alleyne

Atnre Alleyne talks about our track record of investing in the right thing - and the wrong thing, using Solyndra, the Snuggie, and the movie "Moneyball" as examples. We’ve got to think differently. To advance we need to reconsider our investments and disrupt the inequitable system. It’s as simple as parents, students, and communities showing up to participate in the policy making process.

TEDxWilmington | Jump to the New S Curve: Unleash the Power of Inclusion

Speaker: Dune Thorne

Dune Thorne explores the statistic that 70% of high school valedictorians are girls yet 4% of S&P CEOs are women. How can businesses be more supportive of women and gender diversity? Dune illustrates the “S curve” as a potential solution and discusses the need for a new approach and a new conversation—which can benefit women and benefit businesses.

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