Our firm has always emphasized community service as a core value and purposefully recruited civic-minded colleagues who share that value. In fact, one of our criteria for promotion to Principal and Partner is the energy and leadership that colleagues demonstrate in their communities and, more broadly, through nonprofit work. Our colleagues collectively sit on more than 300 nonprofit boards and support many other organizations with their time and money.

We also think about our role in the larger global community and what we are doing to help—or hurt— social harmony and environmental health. Our operations and actions have an impact on the world around us, and it is our responsibility to manage that impact. Wherever possible, our goal is to maximize the good that we can do while minimizing the harm that we may be causing.

One example of our commitment to our larger community is our support of the global racing industry whose employees—like so many others—struggled to sustain their livelihoods during the pandemic.

Philanthropic Activity

In 2019, the Brown Advisory Foundation contributed $1.3 million to various charities and nonprofits. Our 2019 contributions represented an 8% increase vs. 2018. The Foundation’s contributions over time have supported client and colleague interests, while also focusing on education, health care and the environment.


Every firm has a culture—the values, beliefs, methodology, attitudes and standards that reflect an organization’s DNA.

But the truly inspiring firms—the game-changers, the industry leaders and the disruptors—have cultures that propel them to innovate and stand out. At Brown Advisory, we aim to be one of those inspired firms. Over the years, we have purposefully built and nurtured our client-first culture.

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Service—to our clients and our communities—is in our DNA.

I believe that a self-interested life would be empty. Service to others makes one a whole person—it benefits communities and also encourages personal growth.

Truman Semans
Senior Advisor