Sustainable Investment Strategies

Actively Managed Strategies
Multi-Manager Strategies

For clients seeking an open-architecture solution, we have access to several of the premier sustainable managers in the industry—all vetted by internal research.

Private Equity

Our private equity team is focused on evaluating the growing universe of private impact investments to identify standout opportunities that target various issues of particular concern to our clients. To date, we have placed assets in investments targeting a variety of impact themes such as community impact, microfinance, education technology, sustainable real estate, water initiatives and others.* *Many alternative investments by regulation may only be sold to Accredited Investors (institutions with at least $5 million in assets) or Qualified Purchasers (institutions with at least $25 million in investments).

Mission Sustainable

We have a long track record of listening to clients and helping them align their portfolios with their values. In Mission Sustainable, we share our firm’s history in sustainable investing; our integration of sustainable and fundamental research; and the wide variety of sustainable equity, fixed income, and alternative investment solutions available to clients.




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