We are pleased to present our 2020 Summary Report on Engagement, which contains an overview of our ESG-related engagement activity throughout the past year, and offers a view into the issues where we have focused our engagement efforts.

We regularly interact, or “engage,” with various stakeholders who have an interest in the equity and fixed income securities we hold, including the companies and issuers themselves. Sometimes our goal in these engagements is to inform our investment thesis, and other times we seek to elicit a specific response to ideas, suggestions, or perceived risks. 

Engagement has always played an important role in our fundamental due diligence. We believe that good fiduciaries and stewards of client capital have a responsibility to maintain consistent dialogue with the companies and bond issuers in which they invest.

Engagement is also an essential component of our ESG research work; through it, we aim to enhance due diligence; identify risks and encourage companies/issuers to responsibly manage them; encourage companies/issuers to embrace sustainable and/or impact opportunities; and advise third-party stakeholders regarding actions that can positively affect material and salient ESG issues. 

We hope you find the report informative, and we welcome a continuing conversation with you about the work we are doing.