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Anna Rudgard is a fixed income research analyst at Brown Advisory where she is responsible for integration of sustainable investment considerations across global corporate, securitized and supranational bond markets with a specific focus on the financials and consumer sectors.

Prior to joining Brown Advisory in 2021, Anna was a senior consultant at Aon where she spent four years in its investment consulting business as global lead for fixed income ESG fund research. She recommended various sustainable strategies, including funds focused on impact (public and private), green bonds, thematic, climate, sustainable credit and ESG ABS to clients across the U.K., Europe and U.S. geographies.

Before that, she worked in client relations at a boutique asset manager that used behavioral finance insights to frame its investment philosophy. Anna started her career working for a social enterprise that seeks to address socioeconomic inequality in the U.K. through education.

Anna is a holder of CFA U.K.'s ESG Certificate and has passed CFA Level 1.



  • MBA candidate Oct 2022, Quantic School of Business and Technology
  • BA Ancient History, University of Bristol, 2013


  • CFA U.K. ESG Certificate, 2021

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