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Joe is a portfolio manager and the chief investment officer of Meritage Capital. Joe joined Brown Advisory in May 2018 as a result of the combination between Brown Advisory and Meritage Capital. Joe has more than 38 years of industry experience and helped develop Meritage Capital’s investment philosophy. He also chaired Meritage Capital’s investment committee and oversaw manager due diligence, portfolio construction and risk management of Meritage Capital’s commingled funds, liquid alternatives strategies and custom portfolio solutions. Prior to combining firms with Meritage, Joe founded Centennial Partners, LLC, a Memphis, Tennessee-based investment management firm where he was chief investment officer and a member of the board of managers. Prior to Meritage and Centennial, Joe founded Alternative Investment Strategies, a firm focused on advising clients with hedge fund and CTA portfolios. Joe’s extensive background in securities and alternative investments also includes serving as the president and chief investment officer of 6800 Capital, a fund of funds sponsor and trading manager; manager of managed futures for Morgan Keegan and Co. and J.C. Bradford & Co., two regional brokerage firms; account executive at Thomson McKinnon; and vice president of Hancock & Harwell. 


  • University of Alabama, BS (1977)

Please be alert to impersonation fraud.

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