In response to the impact of the CrowdStrike incident, we are keeping a careful eye on our information security posture and the ability of third-party custodians, banks, vendors and other outside parties to function. Brown Advisory’s major systems are operating and ready to serve our clients.

 Please be alert to impersonation fraud. Click here to learn more   

Stephanie is a member of Brown Advisory's U.S. Institutional Sales and Client Service team. Her primary responsibilities include coordinating and providing the necessary support to the field sales team. Prior to joining Brown Advisory in 2018, Stephanie held multiple positions with Enterprise Holdings.


  • Stevenson University, BS (2016)

Community Involvement

  • Volunteer: AAU Maryland Belles, Women’s Basketball

Please be alert to impersonation fraud.

Bad actors are impersonating our colleagues, and people across the financial services industry, on WhatsApp and other messaging platforms. We do not solicit business through these means. 

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