“Saxo Bank is a very different bank, and we want our environment to reflect that. The T-Rex that hangs in the canteen reminds us that we need to remain agile and be on the leading edge of technology developments so that we can continue to help our clients and partners navigate the global markets. In other words, we cannot become dinosaurs.” --Kim Fournais, CEO and Founder, Saxo Bank

What do banking and art have to do with each other? At Saxo, the answer is: quite a lot.

You might not associate banking with creativity. But at Saxo, creative energy animates its client solutions and its culture. As a fintech leader, Saxo develops advanced trading and investment solutions for banks, brokers and financial advisors—helping clients access global capital markets through a range of instruments, including stocks, bonds, foreign exchange and options.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, with offices across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Saxo serves clients in more than 170 countries. It is on a mission to democratize the financial services industry by giving investors of all sizes, located anywhere, access to the highest-caliber online trading platform and technologyenabled investment services. Driving to continually innovate is essential to Saxo’s mission.

As the curator of one of Europe’s largest private contemporary art collections, Saxo makes a direct connection between art and innovation. Says Kim Fournais, CEO and Founder of Saxo, “We are a different kind of bank—and we want our environment to stimulate innovative thinking. Our employees tell us having art around them lightens their mood, makes them feel joyful and inspires them to think creatively.”

When Saxo wanted to offer a sustainable investing portfolio to its clients, it looked around the world to find a partner. “We don’t claim to be the best in every asset class and every geography,” says Kieran Phyo, Head of Asset Management Products at Saxo, “so we want to partner with best-in-class investment managers.” This was how the Brown Advisory Ethical Selection strategy, managed by Brown Advisory and offered by Saxo to its clients, was born. “We look for partners, like Henry Francklin and the Brown Advisory team, who are willing to experiment, innovate and explore new ideas,” says Phyo.