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As the director of diversity, equity and inclusion, recruiting and learning and development, Mia supports Brown Advisory’s human capital strategy to deliver on the firm’s mission: to make a material, positive difference for our clients. She is responsible for designing DEI strategy, in collaboration with the firm’s leadership team; advancing DEI initiatives globally; supporting colleagues in their professional development; creating an engaged, innovative, inclusive culture to attract and retain outstanding colleagues; and providing equitable opportunities for new and current colleagues. With more than 20 years of experience across talent acquisition, training and development, and DEI, Mia previously held roles at McKinsey & Company, The Carlyle Group, Management Leadership for Tomorrow (MLT), PA Consulting Group and Verizon.


  • Morgan State University, BS, Communication


  • Diversity Recruiter (CDR)
  • Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR) – AIRS Training

Please be alert to impersonation fraud.

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