Nuance is most keenly detected by the patient, careful and considerate mind. At Brown Advisory, nuance lives in our vernacular, the rhythm of our culture and the expertise of our client teams. The innovative and compounding power of making properly nuanced decisions has allowed us to serve clients of the highest and most discerning quality for over 20 years. As stewards for our clients, we believe that this thoughtful attention to even the smallest details and subtleties will help us deliver on our mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make a material and positive difference in the lives of our clients by delivering a combination of first-class performance, strategic advice and the highest level of service. We make every effort to deliver these benefits in the most thoughtful way.

We are client first, always; We work as a team; We believe in our people; We protect our equity structure; We never stop reinvesting; We are an investment firm, above all else; We grow; We strive to disrupt; We communicate beyond the doubt; We embrace outside views.

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