Sustainable investing is smart investing.

Investors all over the world are realizing how the intersection of financial, social and environmental ideas can lead to better investment results. In the past, many investors believed that they needed to make a tradeoff between returns and values, but over many years we have found that our sustainable research has contributed positively to returns.

A thoughtful sustainable or mission-aligned investment strategy goes beyond financial results, and helps investors achieve a broader set of goals with their capital. We have decades of experience working with clients to invest in ways that reflect their values and positively impact society.

From our wide variety of equity and fixed income managed portfolios, to our work with nonprofits and families to develop bespoke long-term investment plans, we have the experience and capabilities to help clients pursue the specific sustainable investment goals that are most important to them.


Investment Capabilities

Our roster of sustainable investment strategies continues to grow as we develop solutions for clients across various asset classes. The end of 2019 marks the 10-year anniversary of our Large-Cap Sustainable Growth (LCSG) strategy and it has been one of our firm’s best-performing strategies relative to its benchmark and category peers since its inception. Other equity strategies, including our Global Leaders strategy, have come to embrace sustainable research as a key driver of their investment processes. Our sustainable fixed income strategies—Sustainable Core and Tax-Exempt Sustainable—have rapidly gained traction with clients and performed well. Finally, we have developed a number of Active ESG strategies that deliver specifically desired outcomes to clients in an efficient structure.

We also provide a comprehensive solution for families, nonprofits and other clients with balanced portfolios, including an in-depth process for specifying priorities and developing investment policies, as well as sustainable asset allocation models and a robust platform of third-party managers. For a discussion on how we have helped nonprofits build mission-aligned investment programs, read our article The Other 95%.

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Over Three Decades of Sustainable Investing Experience

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Impact Reporting

“What gets measured, gets managed.” For good reason, our clients want robust and informative reporting, so they understand where their money is invested, and what kind of impact it is producing.

Balanced Portfolio Reporting

We have in-depth research regarding the ESG risk and impact exposures present in every single strategy we recommend to balanced-portfolio clients. We have painstakingly translated that research into a comprehensive reporting tool, which allows us to provide complete transparency to our clients about their investments, and greatly enhances our conversations with those clients about progress to date and potential actions to consider in the future.

Our Sustainable Investing Team

Our team is made up of committed experts that deliver the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that our clients require.

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