Brown Advisory's DNA is not one thing. It is the culture created by our 800+ colleagues working together to raise the future.

team building

We are convinced that collaboration produces the best outcomes—for our clients, our colleagues and our community.

Part of our DNA is our client-first culture—our mission is to make a material, positive difference in the lives of our clients—and we are focused on putting clients first, always.

Part of it is our ownership structure and ownership mindset—every one of our full-time colleagues is an equity owner, and no colleague owns more than 5% of the firm.

Part of it is our purpose—to raise the future for and with our clients, our colleagues, and our communities—we think a lot about how we can best impact and take care of all of our stakeholders.

Part of it is our appreciation of humility—knowing that we don’t have all the answers, listening more than talking, searching for new and better solutions, celebrating learning and curiosity—because we believe this produces the best results for clients.

Part of it is our leadership in sustainable investing—which has been an important focus for more than 12 years.

Part of it is our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion—we simply cannot be an innovative firm without a pronounced dedication to and investment in DEI.

We use the Four Cs as a framework to reflect our DNA:
Client First.  Colleague Driven.  Community Focused.  Culture Led.

We focus on clients, always. We take care of each other. We find material ways to help our communities thrive. And we strive to invest in, nurture and cultivate a culture that can support a special focus on the first three.



The "Team" Thing

Teamwork is simply the Brown Advisory way.

We believe that teams are the surest way to think through complex challenges, develop creative solutions and deliver optimal outcomes.

We support our clients with teams—incorporating portfolio managers, strategic advisors and client service team members. We include colleagues of all experience levels on teams, and we ask everyone to share their points of view and to listen to others’ points of view. We don’t put titles on business cards because seniority doesn’t connote greater importance. We make decisions—for clients and for our business—as teams.

Each of our teams matters, whether they are evaluating stocks in equity research, processing trades, reviewing trust documents, helping colleagues understand benefits or deploying a new technology application. All of our teams contribute in meaningful ways to our clients’ success.

Equity research colleagues in Austin debate the sustainable opportunities for a consumer company.

morning meeting

Colleagues gather for morning meeting in our Baltimore office.

Morning Meeting Mindset

Fundamental to Brown Advisory is our morning meeting mindset. Four days a week, the entire firm gathers to listen to our investment teams discuss topics that are influencing their investment thinking—from macro issues, such as asset allocation and consumer trends, to deep dives into private real estate investment opportunities and engagement with management teams around sustainable business practices. These meetings bring us together physically—each office gathers in person, and we are all connected via video—and also emotionally and intellectually.

Culture of Learning

While the morning meeting is an essential part of our culture of learning, it extends far beyond. Our culture of learning means learning from each other. It means listening more than talking when we meet with clients. We place enormous value on curiosity and continuous learning. This value is ubiquitous across the firm and shows up in big and small ways: book clubs hosted by our Global Leaders equity team and our women’s colleague resource group, behavioral coaching to challenge and support our investment team’s process, firm-funded education, “lunch and learns” to meet with community leaders and explore the work nonprofits and charities are doing, and our speaker series for colleagues to learn from experts about the history of racial injustice.

company offsite

Challenging and collaborating with our colleagues at a strategic planning session.


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Who We Are

Our Mission: To make a positive and material difference in the lives of our clients. In everything we do, we are guided by asking: What do our clients need? How can we help them get there?
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Community and Impact

Creating impact—real impact—for the communities in which we live and work has been an essential part of Brown Advisory’s DNA since our beginnings.
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to maintaining an environment at Brown Advisory where all colleagues feel empowered, valued, and supported.
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Sustainable Investing

We aim to deliver sustainable and mission-aligned investment solutions to our clients built on first-rate performance, thoughtful advice and the highest level of service.
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