When we serve as your overarching investment advisor, we seek to add value at every stage of the investment process. 

Listening and Learning

We begin with a comprehensive assessment of your needs, to set a baseline for our recommendations. This is all about listening to you. We want to learn about your long-term goals, as well as your short-term needs and constraints. Beyond your tangible financial goals, we also seek to understand your desires for building a family legacy or making an impact through philanthropy or sustainable investing. We engage you on these topics frequently throughout our relationship, to make sure we are keeping up with your evolving circumstances. Every subsequent action we recommend flows from this discovery process.

Building Your Plan

Next, we build a fully customized plan that addresses your situation and goals. We emphasize balance in this process. We want our investment plans to pursue growth while also ensuring a stable foundation for your capital. Our plans tend to focus less on market benchmarks, and more on achieving goals and milestones that are relevant to you.

One of the hallmarks of our approach is a “financial allocation” that precedes portfolio construction. Importantly, we focus on ensuring that you always have an ample pool of liquidity available to meet your short-term needs, so that you will rarely if ever feel the need or the urge to interrupt longer-term investments. Additionally, we seek to supplement your core investment portfolio with opportunistic investments over time—these allow us to help clients take advantage of dislocations in capital markets.

Constructing Your Portfolio

Your dedicated portfolio management team will tailor your portfolio specifically for you. Your team is backed by Brown Advisory’s powerful investment engine, which arms them with in-depth asset allocation research, in-house equity and fixed income research, and a carefully scrutinized and curated set of outside investment managers spanning core, alternative and private asset classes.



The firm’s strategic advisory group is positioned well to assess when a client, or a potential client, needs family office services. This grows from, and is a function of, the intimate relationship that develops among specific clients and their strategic advisory team, and where strategic advisors identify creative solutions to organize our clients’ complex financial and personal lives.

The strategic advisors direct and leading roles in the firm’s most complex client relationships also allow them to identify other client relationships throughout the firm where family office needs may be appropriate.



We “package” our portfolio management, client service and strategic advisory offerings as a bespoke family office, which is tailored to the family needs. The colleagues who are tasked to the particular client then comprise the “family office". This offers the gravitas of a family office without unnecessary infrastructure beyond what we currently provide clients.

Fiduciary Services

  • Trust & Estate: Advisory, Administration
  • Income, Tax & Cash Flow Planning
  • Retirement

Specialized Planning

  • Lending
  • Personal Risk & Insurance
  • Executive Compensation
  • Art & Collectibles

Investment Solutions

  • Asset Allocation
  • Open Architecture
  • Manager Research
  • Equity, Fixed Income & Alternative Investments

Generational Advisory

  • Education
  • Business & Family Succession
  • Planning for Life Events
  • Coaching

Information Management

  • Comprehensive Reporting: Transactions, Asset, Charitable Giving
  • Document & Data Storage

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