Investment approach

  • We believe that high-quality companies with structural growth exposure can be a significant driver of alpha in European-stock portfolios. Europe represents one of the most globally exposed regions in the world, and portfolio manager Dirk Enderlein, CFA, who has over a decade of experience investing in European equities, prefers to invest in companies benefiting from a strong competitive position and that are market leaders globally.
  • We believe that a benchmark-agnostic investment approach is critical to building a portfolio around sustainable growth drivers. This unconstrained philosophy is important to ensuring that the manager has the flexibility to pursue European-domiciled companies that he believes can generate above-average profitability due to structural growth opportunities and a sustainable competitive edge.
  • We believe that the strategy benefits from a first-class global research platform powered by Wellington’s investment team located around the world. Wellington’s 50+ global industry analysts, 50+ equity research analysts and more than 150 other investment professionals support the strategy’s effort to provide compelling shareholder returns over the long term.

Vehicle: Mutual Fund

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