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Listen. Offer thoughtful advice. Provide personalized solutions and service.

Every client’s situation is different, and it is incumbent on us to carefully listen to our clients so that we can understand their specific goals and the role that they want us to play.

With a strong foundation of mutual understanding in place, we can help clients build thoughtful, strategic, long-term plans and we will endeavor to deliver compelling investment performance for them over time.


Managing a Client's Investments

We seek to add value at every stage of the investment process.


We begin with a comprehensive assessment of each client’s needs to set a baseline for our recommendations. It is essential that we understand our clients' long-term goals, short-term needs and constraints, quantifiable financial goals and their intangible desires, such as building a family legacy or making an impact through philanthropy or sustainable investing. Every subsequent action we recommend flows from this discovery process.

Building A Plan

Next, we build a fully customised plan that addresses their situation and goals, emphasising a balance between the pursuit of growth and the preservation of capital.

One of the hallmarks of our approach is a “financial allocation” process that precedes portfolio construction. During this process, we make sure that the client has an ample pool of liquidity available to meet their short-term spending needs. This approach allows the invested portfolio to be managed with a long term time horizon.

Constructing Your Portfolio

Each client’s dedicated portfolio management team will tailor their portfolio specifically for them, drawing on Brown Advisory’s in-depth asset allocation, equity and fixed income research capabilities and utilizing a carefully scrutinized and curated set of external investment managers that spans core, alternative and private asset classes.


Strategic Advice

Long-term financial success involves more than investment planning. We help clients tackle a wide range of financial challenges, from gift, estate and income tax planning, to philanthropic and impact investing strategies, to family governance and next-generation education. We use the term strategic advice to describe our work with clients on these matters.

A dedicated team of experts

The members of our Strategic Advisory Group are legal, accounting, financial planning, tax, trust and/or estate planning experts. Their diverse and extensive experience often includes work as partners of respected law and accountancy practices or as advisors for large family offices.

An integrated approach to problem solving

Our clients often have to deal with very complex planning issues. To address those issues properly, our strategic advisors work closely with the portfolio managers on our client teams.

A comprehensive and holistic approach

Our clients often work with a number of consultants, lawyers, accountants and other experts to address their various financial needs. We work collaboratively with our clients' other advisors, helping to bring about a seamless orchestration and execution of our clients’ financial decisions.


Service: A Bridge to Building Trusted Relationships

To us, service is all about trust. We aim to serve as a trusted resource and thinking partner for our clients—ultimately, it makes life simpler and easier for our clients if they know that they can rely on us.

Experience and Execution

The core of our service pledge is to strive constantly for the highest standards in our day-to-day work with clients.

Customized Solutions

We work with our clients to develop a customized service platform. They set the expectations—for day-to-day communication, reporting and other service matters.

Our Clients Are Our Partners

Brown Advisory is distinguished by the quality of its client service personnel. We view our clients as partners. Our dedicated client service team remains committed to forging lasting relationships based on integrity, trust and service.

*The value of your investments can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.

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