Who We Are

We are an independent investment management and strategic advisory firm
committed to first-class performance, advice and service.

Our Mission:

To make a positive and material difference in the lives of our clients. In everything we do, we are guided by asking: What do our clients need? How can we help them get there?

We founded Brown Advisory with a simple vision: to build a client-first investment firm. Today, our 850+ colleagues are privileged to serve an inspiring group of individuals, families, nonprofits, charities, institutions and financial intermediaries in 49 countries. For each, we work to deliver first-rate investment performance, thoughtful strategic advice and the highest level of service to help them get to wherever it is they want to go.

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We are investors.

As investors, we know that achieving compelling investment results is paramount. Our means to performance is thoughtful investing.

Thoughtful investing is a dedication to rigorous, fundamental research to gain a deep understanding of the businesses, issuers and managers in which we invest our clients’ capital. It is the patience to allow the quality of strategies, companies and allocators to compound our clients’ capital over time. It is the humility needed to make objective, unbiased decisions—even under pressure—and to learn from our mistakes. It is an appreciation of context so that ideas can be kept in proper perspective. It is a focus on sustainability as a means to outperform. Thoughtful investing is the belief that teams—through diversity, collaboration and a willingness to challenge one another—best deliver the first-rate performance that we promise to each and every client.

Paul Chew, CFA

Paul Chew, Chief Investment Officer.

Brown Advisory colleagues

Ashley Webb, Business Analyst, and Craig Standish, Strategic Advisor and Head of the Boston Office.

We "team" well.

Perhaps no characteristic distinguishes Brown Advisory more than our team approach.

We have a remarkable group of professionals based across 16 offices who serve our clients—and by working as a team, we can bring to bear the power of our collective experience, insights and service.

Collaboration, whether focused on investment research, tax planning or creating an impact in the community, allows us to ask the right questions, formulate thoughtful strategies and fine-tune solutions. It may not always be the easiest way to operate or the quickest approach to a result, but we know that teams deliver the best solutions and outcomes for our clients.

We believe we can credit our unusually high client retention rate of 98% for the past 10 years to the fact that we “team” well.

We are independent.

Our culture of teamwork is supported by our firm’s structure. We are and will remain independent, and every full-time colleague is an equity owner.

Brown Advisory has been a private, independent and colleague-owned firm since 1998. Together, our colleagues own approximately 70% of the firm. The remaining 30% is owned by select outside investors who provide insight, perspective and stability. We believe this approach ensures that we have an inclusive and balanced ownership structure—and that our colleagues’ interests are aligned with those of our clients.

Brown Advisory colleague

Shannon Pierce, Controller.


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Brown Advisory's DNA is not one thing. It is the culture created by our 800+ colleagues working together to raise the future.
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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We are committed to maintaining an environment at Brown Advisory where all colleagues feel empowered, valued, and supported.
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Community and Impact

Creating impact—real impact—for the communities in which we live and work has been an essential part of Brown Advisory’s DNA since our beginnings.
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Our Thinking and Insights

Our latest thinking on capital markets, investment strategy and long-term planning.
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