Sustainable investing
is smart investing.

It’s a potential path to investment performance, a way to reflect your values, an opportunity to make an impact on the world. We aim to deliver sustainable and mission-aligned investment solutions to our clients built on first-rate performance, thoughtful advice and the highest level of service.

Corporate Sustainability Report
sustainable investing colleagues

Louise Nankiinga, Senior ESG Equity Research Analyst, Katherine Kroll, Director of Equity ESG Research and Strategy, and Karina Funk, Portfolio Manager and Chair of Sustainable Investing.

With a 12+ year track record in sustainable investing, we believe sustainability is an essential part of thoughtful investing.


We see incorporating a broad range of risks and opportunities into our research process as an important tool to generate long-term performance—including how a company or potential investment is managing products, services and solutions in the face of climate change and other long-term societal forces.

Just as we do not build portfolios based on models, we do not make assumptions about what sustainability means to a client. It can be a path to investment performance, a way to reflect values through an investment portfolio, an opportunity to make an impact on the world.

Our Sustainable Solutions

Institutions and Intermediaries

Brown Advisory delivers a wide range of sustainable equity and fixed income strategies to institutional investors. We help our clients achieve their financial and sustainable objectives with concentrated, actively managed portfolios powered by in-depth fundamental and ESG research, a disciplined investment process and outcome-focused ESG engagement.

Individuals and Families

For many years, we have worked with individuals, families and family offices to help them pursue their financial objectives, align their portfolios with their values, and make a positive impact in the world with their capital. 

Charities and Foundations

Adding a mission-aligned dimension to a charity's investment program can be a complex exercise. The consideration of ESG factors for performance reasons is becoming widely accepted, but when it comes to mission alignment, charities often have multiple return, risk, alignment and impact they seek to pursue simultaneously. Moreover, many charities, endowments and foundations have a variety of stakeholders with different priorities.

Recent News

Brown Advisory’s 2021 PRI Assessment Report

Brown Advisory has been a signatory to the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) since 2014. Each year, we complete a rigorous disclosure of our sustainable investing practices as part of our obligation as a signatory, and PRI in turn provides an evaluation of our practices and rates us relative to our peers in a variety of categories.
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Envestnet 2021 Asset Manager Awards

Brown Advisory has been recognized as the 2021 Impact Manager of the Year by Envestnet and Investment Advisor for our U.S. Sustainable Core Fixed Income strategy. See the full list of winners and profiles on each manager below.
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Global Sustainable Fixed Income Launch

In February 2022 we launched the Brown Advisory Global Sustainable Total Return Bond strategy which takes a global, sustainable and dynamic approach, seeking to offer investors access to an attractive stream of income and risk-adjusted returns while simultaneously generating a positive impact on global sustainability.
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Recent Publications

Sustainable Sovereigns: Integrating ESG Analysis into Government Debt Research

We have expanded our ESG framework into sovereign bonds, a relatively less developed area in sustainable fixed income. 
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NOW Podcast: Investing in Nature-Based Climate Solutions

To kick off Season 3 of the NOW podcast, Brown Advisory's Karina Funk sits down with Dr. M. Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International, for a special Climate Week episode.
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Karina Funk on Climate Risk in Investing (Financial Times Op-Ed)

Brown Advisory's Karina Funk discusses ideas our industry can use to lead the way on addressing global climate risk, including the use of nature-based frameworks in investment research. 
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Reporting and Policy Statements


Transparency and disclosure are essential drivers of progress in sustainable investing. We seek to hold ourselves to the same standards that we expect of companies, municipalities and bond issuers, in terms of offering clear policies that describe our sustainable investment approach, as well as periodic reports on the impact and sustainable merits of our strategies.

Platform Policies and Reports

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Our team is made up of committed experts that deliver the breadth and depth of knowledge and experience that our clients require.
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