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Business Builders

Whether you’re established at a mature firm, growing your company, thinking of your next venture or a professional investor we’re here to help you move forward, fast.

We understand you face unique challenges and we assist senior leaders at growth companies, private equity and venture capital professionals planning for future liquidity.

How We Help

Our clients think of us as true partners – providing unbiased guidance
throughout every stage of their lives, personal and professional.

We support our clients at every phase of the business lifecycle to help simplify the demands of being an entrepreneur and ensure you have the freedom to focus on what really matters – the success of your business.

Start Up


Give an investor’s perspective of your business concept, opportunity and pitch

Introduce you to our network of advisers, relevant sector and business experts and potential investors

Assist young wealth builders who don’t think of themselves as entrepreneurs but are linked to entrepreneurship and innovation in their companies or industries

Growth & Expansion


Introduce you to our network to help raise capital

Work with you to think through what success and growth mean from an investment perspective

Work with you and your advisers on how to structure the business and advise on a tax efficient exit and succession plan

Maturity & Possible Exit


Help plan for your liquidity event:

  • Delineate transaction objectives
  • Aim for deal terms that optimize post-sale objectives
  • Develop investment plans to meet long-term goals
  • Consider tax implications of various deal structures
  • Work with advisors to prepare for post-sale implementation

Life Post Sale


Continue implementing long-term investment and strategic plans – estate planning, capital sufficiency, retirement planning, managing liability risk, etc.

Take next steps on non-investment plans – preparing children for wealth transfer, increasing philanthropic activity, etc.

What We Do

From the serial entrepreneur looking for Family Office solutions to an early stage founder needing to simplify life to focus on their venture, we partner with our clients to deliver a material difference.


You require a different approach to investing because you are different.

Not everyone can be a business owner and we get that. We also know that making the transition from being a business owner to an investor raises questions. That’s why we specialize in advising business owners on how to invest outside of their companies, both prior to and then after they exit.

We create custom portfolios for each client employing a variety of strategies, spanning a spectrum across public and private asset classes.

We complement our proprietary investment strategies with external research to help ensure that our clients have access to some of the best and most well-respected managers in the world—many of whom are otherwise closed to new investors.

We built our firm around the idea that an investment program is most helpful when integrated with broader strategic advice.

Entrepreneurs face unique planning challenges and our advisors help achieve your financial, estate and philanthropic goals by developing solutions that consider your entire perspective and circumstance.

We collaborate with tax, legal and other advisors to help ensure optimal outcomes and the right next steps for your business over the long term.

This is especially helpful before an exit, where proactive planning can save time and money down the road.




Relationships and access are key to your success.

We provide our clients with access to our network for introductions to experts for analysis and advise on your business… to help you build the right team of advisers and employees… to identify potential investors and to connect you with other entrepreneurs.

Our team of experienced professionals is committed to helping individuals, families, businesses and trustees achieve their goals and provide responsive service.

Client Stories

Organization, Planning & Investing

David and Cathy are in their late 30s and working parents of two young children. David and Cathy both have professional experience in the residential real estate market. David served as the chief product officer at a private real estate technology firm that was acquired by a public company in 2020—he has remained with the acquiring firm in a management role—and Cathy works for a national mortgage company.

IPO/ Diversification/ Tax Strategy

Nick, a 30-year-old software engineer, lives in the Bay Area, and his company recently underwent a successful initial public offering (IPO). Nick’s personal balance sheet grew substantially with this liquidity event and catalyzed the need for a strategy around this volatile, concentrated position.


Zero to One Moment            

Sam and Dana understandably had their hands full after becoming new parents and Sam’s successful sale of a private business he co-founded. In their early 30s and without an estate plan or life insurance, Sam and Dana were in need of a strategy and structure to help protect and grow their wealth. The business had been acquired by a reputable venture firm before we were introduced to the family, and Sam decided to remain in a leadership role in the acquiring firm.

The Unopened Statements

Brian, a public company CEO and a father of two, had founded a company a decade earlier and taken it public just a year or so before we met him. The growth trajectory had been exceptional, and the performance of the share price had reflected as much. Brian was (unsurprisingly) very heavily concentrated in the stock of his company. Although his company was succeeding, Brian’s personal wealth management was lacking the attention it needed.


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