One size definitely doesn't fit all.

Every family is unique and we approach each relationship as such.


Drawing on our extensive experience with generations of families, we design creative, advantageous strategies to help families reach their goals.

In appreciation of both the responsibility and opportunity that wealth carries, we understand that successful families require distinct attention. As such, our practice is to create a unique solution for each family office client. Whether you are seeking a discrete set of services to complement an existing family office structure or would prefer to outsource the full family office experience, Brown Advisory is equipped to provide you with investment management, strategic advice, client service, oversight and/or administration to satisfy any of your family office goals and needs.


Family Office at Brown Advisory

Some families come to us looking for a robust solution to streamline their financial life and help them achieve a certain peace of mind. Others come seeking just a specific expertise.

Brown Advisory can act as your family office, providing a comprehensive and strategic partnership for your family. We will act as a centralized advisor for your complex financial affairs, and coordinate and organize all aspects of your financial life, from investment management across multiple providers, to tax administration and organization, to entity and payroll management, to trust and generational wealth concerns.

Our process
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For families with a professional family office already in place, we can augment and complement that service to help address hard-to-reach goals. Whether that requires a highly focused alternative investment portfolio, unique reporting requirements, foundation or trust administration, or aviation management, Brown Advisory works with you and your team to define a scope of work that completes the expertise your family requires.



Investment Management

Drawing on decades of experience working with successful families seeking diversified portfolios, we partner with clients to help them navigate the complexities of today’s capital markets and create portfolios designed to achieve their goals. 

Our family office investment teams are supported by our robust research capabilities and use a combination of internally and externally managed strategies. Clients can leverage Brown Advisory’s institutional equity, fixed income, private equity and alternatives research teams to source high-conviction ideas across the investable universe and construct portfolios that can deliver over the long term. Our investment experts set asset allocation guidelines and find, select and cover a high-quality group of managers around the world in an effort to address the needs of any portfolio.

Given the breadth of investment expertise at Brown Advisory, we believe we are able to provide distinct portfolios to family offices seeking to solve for a variety of investment mandates. Whether you require an alternatives portfolio, a municipal bond strategy or the construction of a select portfolio of our best equity ideas, your portfolio management team works with a deep bench of investment professionals to help meet your investment needs.


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Strategic Advice

What we offer
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We offer counsel on a wide range of topics beyond traditional investment advice, including but not limited to strategic planning, estate planning, generational wealth transfer, financial education, philanthropic planning and fiduciary oversight. We believe that the solutions our Strategic Advisors recommend are critical to providing the holistic advice our clients need to achieve their goals.

In our experience, it is most effective to consider all legal, tax and planning issues in concert with ongoing investment management decisions and in collaboration with a family’s other outside advisors to help ensure a cohesive pursuit of long-term goals.

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Sustainability – Impact Investing

Many families struggle to reconcile two equally important goals when deploying capital: maximizing the return of their investment portfolio and maximizing progress toward their mission. Brown Advisory believes a thoughtful, sustainable investment approach bridges the gap between these goals and helps families achieve both their financial and impact-related goals within a unified portfolio strategy.

For decades, Brown Advisory has worked with clients to develop value-centric investing strategies. We use environmental, social and governance research as a mechanism for measuring investment risk and a way to help clients reflect their values and generate impact with their portfolios.


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2021 Sustainability Report

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