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Here you will find a collection of videos designed to provide concise yet substantial insights into our approach and our people.

In this video, Maneesh Bajaj, CFA, explains his focus on having the flexibility and mindset to look across a broad spectrum of investment opportunities. 
Explore: U.S. Flexible Equity Strategy

In this video, David Powell, CFA, discusses how they identify durable businesses that possess a unique combination of fundamental strength, sustainable competitive advantages, and compelling valuations. 
Explore: U.S. Large-Cap Sustainable Growth Strategy

In our latest video, learn how Mike Poggi, CFA, aims to identify companies that possess a Sustainable Cash Flow Advantage through the use of our 3P investment filter. 
Explore: Large-Cap Sustainable Value Strategy

In this video, Mick Dillon, CFA, explains how they complete deep, fundamental, bottom-up research to uncover companies that they believe are leaders within their industry or country. 
Explore: Global Leaders Strategy

In this video, Chris Berrier explains how the team seeks to invest in a portfolio of diversified, high-quality businesses with sound management teams and competitive advantages that they believe have the potential to achieve above-average growth rate over a full market cycle. 
Explore: U.S. Small-Cap Growth Strategy

In this video, David Schuster provides an overview of his approach and philosophy and how it is differentiated in the small-cap value space. 
Explore: U.S. Small-Cap Fundamental Value Strategy

In celebration of the second anniversary of the Sustainable International Leaders strategy, we’ve delved into the concept of sustainable growth with portfolio manager Priyanka Agnihotri, emphasizing that longevity reflects resilience and underscores the importance of multi-generational thinking for sustainable growth. 
Explore: Sustainable International Leaders Strategy


Strategy in Focus: Large-Cap Sustainable Value Strategy

“I would say one of the advantages we have here are the size and depth of our team, we started out with a small team of analysts and now we have more than fifty. This is a real advantage for us in terms of amount of eyes and ears across the market, up and down market caps, different geographies and different segments of the market.”


Fixed Income

In this video, Ryan Myerberg introduces our approach to global fixed income investing. He talks about the team’s focus on delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns through the economic cycle. 
Explore: Global Sustainable Total Return Bond Strategy

In this video, Amy Hauter, CFA, explains how their team incorporates sustainable factors into their rigorous research process to deliver an attractive stream of income and maximise total return.  
Explore: Global Sustainable Core Fixed Income Strategy

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Sustainable Investing:
A Means to Drive Performance

In this video, Karina Funk, CFA, co-portfolio manager of the Large-Cap Sustainable Growth strategy and chair of sustainable investing, explores our focus on finding companies at the intersection of positive fundamental and sustainable business drivers.   
Our balance sheet investments focus on four key themes where early-stage innovation seeks to disrupt large total addressable markets: health-care reimagined, future of work, next-generation consumer, and frontier technology.

Learn more about Sustainable Investing

Navigating our World

Navigating Our World is the podcast where we seek insights about some of the most pressing questions that we face as investors and as a society. We examine the forces shaping our world, moving capital and raising the future—with the thoughtful experts across our network. 

These conversations help us make better decisions for our clients, and we welcome you to join us. 

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