Individuals & Families

We advise a variety of inspiring families and individuals, including CEOs, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, political and civic leaders, scholars, athletes, artists and performers. Our work is often centered on a comprehensive relationship with families to serve, engage and connect members across generations. In other instances we work directly with just a single individual or family member—it is all a matter of preference.

Endowments & Foundations

We partner with a variety of foundations, endowments and other nonprofits around the world. As a fiduciary, we can advise an organization on the entirety of its investment portfolio or on specific components of that portfolio. Our colleagues personally serve as board members and in other roles for more than 400 nonprofits, giving us an understanding of the investment and governance challenges these organizations face.

Institutions & Consultants

We manage single-strategy portfolios for some of the largest and most discerning pension plans, banks and insurance companies in the world, and we seek to maintain close relationships with the consultants who advise them.

Financial Intermediaries

We partner with a select set of investment platforms and financial advisors to offer our investment solutions to their clients.

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