Our new report, “Inflation in the U.S. Economy: Risks & Recommendations”, by Sid Ahl, Taylor Graff and Tom Graff is now available. In it, we review the inflation risks and opportunities that we are monitoring in today’s markets, and how we are positioning our clients’ balanced portfolios in response.

We hope it is helpful and instructive for our clients and friends with an interest in major market themes and investment insights. The piece is intended to give you a better understanding of a variety of timely topics, including:

  • Why investors are concerned about rising inflationary pressures, as historic monetary and fiscal stimulus comes at a time of economic growth
  • Why, despite mounting inflationary pressures, comparisons to 1970s-style runaway inflation may be unwarranted
  • Which pockets of the stock and bond markets may offer the best protection from inflation
  • The limitations of cryptocurrencies, gold and commodities as investments and inflation hedges
  • Why companies with pricing power may offer the best protection from inflation

Please let us know if you have any questions about the publication or if you wish to speak to us further on the topics discussed.