In response to the impact of the CrowdStrike incident, we are keeping a careful eye on our information security posture and the ability of third-party custodians, banks, vendors and other outside parties to function. Brown Advisory’s major systems are operating and ready to serve our clients.


We seek competitive risk-adjusted returns over a full market cycle through a concentrated portfolio of companies that we believe offer durable fundamental strengths, sustainable competitive advantages and compelling valuations. 




  • Absolute growth rates  

    We seek business models that we believe can support high absolute growth rates.

  • Strong Sustainable Business Advantages (SBA)

    We focus on sustainable advantages to uncover persistent drivers of shareholder value across the economy.

    We define strong SBAs in a company as the potential to create tangible enterprise value through sustainable drivers that lead to revenue growth, cost improvement, or enhanced franchise value.

  • Sustainability 

    We use a sustainable investment research framework developed over 10+ years that seeks to identify risks and opportunities that help add value to our due diligence.

  • Valuation 

    We use financial modeling to assess upside and downside price targets to guide risk/return expectations over a multi-year forward horizon.