Investment approach

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The Fund uses bottom-up, fundamental research to invest in companies at discounts to their business value, defined as the present value of their sustainable free cash flow. The outcomes we drive are a direct result of our robust research & portfolio management process, characterized by:

  • A high-conviction, concentrated, unconstrained portfolio representing the team’s best ideas - typically 25-30 holdings diversified across industries and geographies.
  • A dual emphasis on quality and valuation to identify stocks that offer the best of both worlds.
  • Stocks bought at a meaningful discount to business value that may offer an inherent margin of safety and return potential.
  • A focus on quality companies with stable, growing businesses and strong balance sheets aiming to mitigate the potential of capital loss.
  • A concentrated portfolio with highest conviction ideas.
  • Process-driven sell discipline – one-third sale of stocks that exceed their upside target; secondary review for stocks that exceed their upside or downside targets.

This Fund has a truly long-term investment horizon, aligning with the strategic vision of institutional investors.

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