Promoting a Diverse, Equitable and
Inclusive Culture

Brown Advisory should be an environment that mirrors the fabric of the communities in which we work and live—one that supports colleagues in their effort to contribute at the highest level and reach their potential. We know that this will be a continuous journey—success is a progression, not a point in time. We will always be asking ourselves, “What's next?”

As we think about our journey, we are confident that diversity results in better decisions for clients, and in a deeper understanding of the world in which we invest on behalf of, advise and serve clients. Diversity is something to celebrate. At the same time, inclusion—ensuring that all colleagues have the chance to bring their best selves to work and to thrive at Brown Advisory—is non-negotiable and a keystone of a thriving corporate culture. We believe we must be a place that is truly inclusive. 

Success in this area requires intention. As part of our program to embed diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) deeply into our culture, expand awareness, underscore inclusivity and increase diversity across the firm, we have established Colleague Resource Groups (CRGs), incorporated a determined focus on diverse talent acquisition, committed to ongoing colleague surveys to assess inclusion, organized focus groups to understand and act on areas of opportunity, and built a training module to address unconscious bias.

Looking ahead, we are committed to integrating diversity, equity and inclusion into all aspects of our business. We believe that by founding each of the “Four Cs” of our DNA—clients, colleagues, communities and culture—on a bedrock that is characterized by equity and inclusion, we are working to raise the future.


About Our Colleagues

As part of our commitment to true diversity, equity and inclusion, it will be important to share our progress over time. Numbers will tell an important piece of the story, but real impact will manifest in our culture and relationships with clients. Together, we can build a vibrant, authentic culture that amplifies each and every colleagues’ contribution to our clients’ success.

Thanks to a renewed commitment to recruiting diverse candidates, women and people of color have represented a significant percentage of our new hires over the past two years. We are moving in the right direction in terms of new colleagues, but we know we need to stay the course in order to ensure the makeup of the firm delivers exceptional performance, advice and service to our clients over the long term.


DE&I Advisory Committee

David Hodnett

Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Samantha Burnham

Senior Human Resources Generalist


Brian Cobb

Chief Technology Officer


Dana Cooksey

Head of Events


Rima Parikh

Senior Operational Due Diligence Analyst


Teresa Pollet

Project Manager


Keith Stone

Private Equity Analyst

Rebecca Sugarman

Chief Human Resources Officer


Colleague Resource Groups

All colleagues are welcome and encouraged to join our Colleague Resource Groups regardless of how they identify. By having a diverse group of stakeholders in the room, we believe we can establish more allies, advocates and sponsors who are focused on learning together and helping to build a more inclusive environment at Brown Advisory.


Asian & Pacific Islander Group

The group’s goal is to foster open communication and build relationships among Asians and Pacific Islanders and their allies.


Black and Hispanic Group

The CRG team and their allies work on issues that include colleague development, hiring, promotion and retention for black and Hispanic colleagues.


LGBTQ+ Group

Together with their allies, group members celebrate diversity, promote open conversations about the LGBTQ+ community, bring people together, and work with everyone to overcome labels and stereotypes.



Military and First Responders Group

Members understand or want to learn more about the hurdles facing veterans, military service members, first responders and their families. The group strives to provide support and be a leader in assisting in and solving those challenges. 



Women's Group

Together, male and female group members create a network of support and invest in women at all stages of their careers.


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Our Future

Our clients will continue to challenge us to serve them in new and more effective ways. To help them navigate in ever more complex times, we must solicit ideas from every colleague and provide an environment where all colleague-equity owners are excited to contribute. Our focus on diversity, equity and inclusion will enable us to make the future better for clients—and for our colleagues and communities.

Michael D. Hankin
President & CEO