Investment approach

  • We believe that having the flexibility and mindset to look across the broad spectrum of investment opportunities allows us to invest in compelling, well-understood businesses with shareholder-oriented managers and a margin of safety. We look for moments when the market serves up opportunities to purchase these companies at bargain prices, which is often due to short-term investor perceptions, temporary business difficulties that will improve, or as-yet undiscovered opportunities and unrecognized changes for the better, in our view.
  • Our core portfolio of high-quality businesses is managed with an emphasis on maintaining a margin of safety. We believe that this approach can deliver a consistent and long-term record of beating the equity market, as measured by the S&P 500 Index.
  • Our investment strategy is based on a unique firm culture and philosophy, which support a shared belief that low-turnover, concentrated portfolios derived from sound fundamental research can generate attractive outperformance.

SFDR - Article 8



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