Investment approach

Our investment approach seeks outperformance through a concentrated, low-turnover portfolio of companies with:

  • Strong business fundamentals
  • Attractive valuations
  • Sustainable Drivers that stem from a company’s products, services, or operations.

Sustainable Drivers are characteristics that we believe have potential to drive tangible positive outcomes, in terms of financial performance and environmental and social impact. We believe that our integration of fundamental and sustainable investment research adds an informational edge to our investment process that helps us identify quality, long-term investment opportunities.

Strategy profile

The strategy will seek to balance growth-oriented and value-oriented holdings to achieve a core portfolio.

Our portfolio managers and investment team have extensive small-cap and sustainable investing backgrounds that support our unique research-intensive approach that seeks to identify compelling long-term investment opportunities.

Our strategy is based on a unique firm culture and philosophy, which underpin a shared belief that low-turnover, concentrated portfolios derived from sound investment research can generate attractive outperformance.

Vehicle: Separately Managed Account, Mutual Fund.




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Sustainable investment considerations are one of multiple informational inputs into the investment process, alongside data on traditional financial factors, and so are not the sole driver of decision-making. Sustainable investment analysis may not be performed for every holding in the strategy. Sustainable investment considerations that are material will vary by investment style, sector/industry, market trends and client objectives. The strategy seeks to identify companies that it believes may be desirable based on our analysis of sustainable investment related risks and opportunities, but investors may differ in their views. As a result, the strategy may invest in companies that do not reflect the beliefs and values of any particular investor. The strategy may also invest in companies that would otherwise be excluded from other funds that focus on sustainable investment risks. Security selection will be impacted by the combined focus on sustainable investment research assessments and fundamental research assessments including the return forecasts. The strategy incorporates data from third parties in its research process but does not make investment decisions based on third-party data alone.

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