Asking the tough questions is essential in our pursuit to step ahead.

Inherent in our promise to clients is a responsibility to be honest, transparent and forthright about the challenges we face.

This self-reflective exercise is a humbling journey. We set ambitious goals and sometimes come up short. We try new things that do not always work out. We spend time trying to find solutions to questions that have no answers. These stumbles are a fundamental piece of our client-first culture and the price we are willing to pay in our quest to stay a step ahead.

In any industry, staying ahead of the game is a nearly impossible pursuit. Only a select few have proven an ability to do so over many years, decades and generations. To stay relevant in the face of unrelenting change, a company—especially an established one—must question the validity of its future existence. This questioning stresses a firm’s thinking quotient and tests its team’s humility.

Even after twenty-four years, we feel like our journey is just beginning.

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