We usually think of mountains as the Earth’s surface rising abruptly toward the sky, but with a broader perspective, we find their likeness in the challenges that we face as investors and advisors for our clients, as teammates of our colleagues and as citizens in our communities. No matter the shape of the mountain, our climb is fueled by deep curiosity, incisive questions and critical listening. At the other end of any challenge is the opportunity to turn our energy into solutions for our clients, to deepen relationships with each other and to strengthen the communities in which we work and live.

In this annual report, we ascend these mountains in partnership with each of our stakeholders. In Mission, you will read about our relationship with clients and the outcomes that we are helping them create. Performance describes our investment activity. Impact focuses on our communities and the value that we strive to create beyond our revenue-generating business. DNA is about what connects us as colleagues and who we aspire to be. Together, this annual report attempts to highlight the people, places and things that motivate our purpose:

To raise the future.

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