In this year’s report we describe our aspiration to build “Brown Advisory 4.0” which, to us, is the next chapter of our firm’s evolution. While it may seem to be a somewhat arbitrary point of inflection, it is intended to raise the bar for our responsibilities to our clients in a very significant way. Through a series of stories that highlight how some of our colleagues are leading the evolution of our business, we hope to articulate clearly to you how we are tackling some of the challenges facing our business, and also set forth where we see some of our greatest opportunities.

One of the most immediate and, we hope, visible manifestations of Brown Advisory 4.0 is a statement of our firm’s “purpose”—which you will find at the end of the annual report. The statement itself may be new, but sentiment behind it has been embodied by our colleagues since our inception in 1993. Simply put, our purpose embodies what draws us to work each day at Brown Advisory. We come to work because we care—we care deeply about our clients, our colleagues and our communities—and we are always thinking about how we can make a difference for the future.

Thank you for your continued support of Brown Advisory—we hope you enjoy this year’s annual report and will join us in our effort to Raise the Future.


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