We are pleased to share with you Brown Advisory’s 2019 annual report—This Time Tomorrow.

The theme of this year’s report is our firm’s purpose, which we state most simply as “Raise the Future.” The future, and all that it represents, dominates our thinking, planning and goals. To raise the bar set by our clients’ expectations, we pursue ideas, strategies and services aimed at supporting their long-term and, often, evolving goals. This obsession with the future inspires our work, drives us to innovate and, we believe, has led to meaningful, long-standing client relationships.

For the first time, we share the stories of two clients to illustrate why the future guides everything we do: Our clients entrust us with their—and their stakeholders’—futures. Both of the clients whose stories we tell, and the organizations they represent, dedicate themselves to making the future brighter for the people and communities they serve, and embody our firm’s purpose.

In addition to the client stories, you will also read about the new framework we raised to describe the Brown Advisory DNA. “The Four C’s” are the foundational elements of our mission, purpose, values and beliefs; together, they propel us forward and keep us focused on tomorrow. In everything that we do, we strive to be:

Client First. Colleague Driven. Community Focused. Culture Led.

Here’s to Raising the Future, together.




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