Blistering changes in fields such as technology call for bold responses—a theme we recently explored with clients at our NOW 2016 forum.

In this issue:

Moral Courage Amid Disruption
Brown Advisory colleagues recently gathered with clients to explore how disruption in technology and other fields calls for bold, even-handed decision-making and what we call moral courage.

By Brien White, Head of Washington Office, Portfolio Manager

Profits, Not Vapor: Titans Emerge in Cloud Computing
Three companies have brought down to earth the long-elusive goal of selling corporate customers computing power through the Internet.

By Maneesh Bajaj, CFA, Portfolio Manager and Emmy Mathews, CFA, Equity Research Analyst

In Too Deep? The Risks From Sub-Zero Rates
Six central banks try to spur growth by introducing negative rates despite potential hazards from the unprecedented policy.

By Tom Graff, CFA, Head of Fixed Income and Quintin Ings-Chambers, Portfolio Manager

Market Chill: Holding Fast To Fundamentals
Volatility in equity markets has persisted as investors run from risk and search for yield. In times like these, we stay true to a bottom-up, value orientation.

By Sid Ahl, CFA, Chief Investment Officer of ISG and Stephanie McCormick, Portfolio Manager

Dire Call: Helping When It Is Most Needed
After years of serving clients, we have found that the depth of our relationships is especially valuable when helping them adapt to the most difficult news.

By John Poulton, Strategic Advisory and Doug Borg, Strategic Advisory Analyst